Community Events

Valley County Health System offers two community events each year.  These events are designed to provide area residents with complimentary health education and information.  These events include Celebrate Being a Woman and our annual Health Fair.

Celebrate Being a Woman

This annual event is held each October at the Ord Veteran’s Club.  It is free to women of all ages and includes a meal, gifts, exhibits, speakers and fun.  Last year’s event drew more than 300 women and 30 exhibitors!

For more information call 308.728.4397.

Health Fair

Valley County Health System holds a Health Fair each summer  in Ord.  The event draws more than 200 people and 20 vendors.  The fair included a health screen, educational displays and breakfast.

For more information call 308.728.4397.


6th Annual Health Fair - May 29

The Health Fair will be held Thursday, May 29 from 7 am-1 pm at the Valley County Fairgrounds in Ord. 

Valley County Health System's 6th Annual Health Fair will again consist of lab draws, cardiovascular tests, educational booths and a free will donation breakfast. In addition this year Good Samaritan will be landing the helicopter at the fairgrounds which will provide everyone with a good view of this life saving partnership we have. Richards Amusement Carnival will be going on at the same time so there will be plenty of opportunities to win some free rides, as well as a few other prizes. For the lab tests and cardiovascular screenings we highly recommend people to pre-register. To find a pre-registration form click here, you can mail this form or drop it off at the hospital. You can also email the form back to

The lab tests offered during the Health Fair are a Health Screen, PSA test, and an A1C screen.  Bryan Health will be offering Carotid Artery Ultrasounds, Abdominal Aortic Ultrasounds, Peripheral Arterial screens, HeartAware screens, and Atrial Fibrillation screens.  These tests are offered at a drastically reduced fee during the health fair. 




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