Bossen Family

"In September of 2013, our family had to make one of the toughest decisions we've ever had to make. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we've ever had to make. Here is our story...... One normal evening in May of 2012, became one of the most devastating nights in our family when our husband/dad, Richard Bossen, became symptomatic and was diagnosed with Stage IV Glioblastoma.....a lethal... More

Charles Hackel- family members

"We want to thank Valley View Living Center for the loving care provided to our father, Charles Hackel. His care from administrators, nurses, and staff was exceptional. Dad was here at Valley View a year ago and we are pleased to say there has been a marked improvement over what we experienced then. This year dad was unable to be involved in many of the activities because of his health, but the a... More

Dale Melia

"I was admitted to Valley County Health System to have a total knee replacement performed by Dr. Lesiak.  Starting with my pre-op tour from the day of my surgery to my current physical therapy appointments my experience here has been exceptional.  Arlene Clements, my surgical nurse, was incredibly sharp, kind and thorough.  When I came for my pre-op appointments Arlene eased... More

Dick Watts

"When I suffered a sudden stroke on November 17, 2010 I had extremely quick response from the Burwell EMT's and appreciated being so close to Valley County Health System.  I was very pleased with the care I received at VCHS and I think we are really lucky to have this facility so close.  The new hospital is beautiful but it is the people within the hospital that made it a pleasant... More

Gary Wells

“I was admitted to Valley County Health System’s Swingbed Department on December 14th following double knee replacement surgery. The following Monday was the first experience I had with Valley County Health System’s Rehabilitation Department. Heidi Peterson and Melissa Kokes walked in and they were like rays of sunshine. They, along with Betty Wheeler, had me feeling pretty confi... More

Kay Ryle

"As a family member of a patient, I have spent a lot of time in your fine institution, observing the people who come here for eight to twelve hours a day, working to support themselves and their families.  That hardly describes what actually goes on, though, because it is obvious that this is much more than a job to the people who pour themselves into this place. The nursing staff here ... More

Loretta Darnell

"In the past five months, I have undergone total knee replacements on both knees by Dr. Lesiak at Valley County Health System.    During my days at VCHS I received excellent care from the nurses and medical staff.  The food was wonderful and I had great outcomes with both knee surgeries.I chose Valley County Health System to have my surgeries because it is close to home and Dr.... More

Marvin J. Bilka

"On February 17, 2011 I was admitted to Valley County Health System to have a total right knee replacement performed by Dr. Lesiak.  I was admitted at 5:30 am and taken immediately to pre-op.  After post-op recovery I was transferred to Acute Care where I got professional care from the RN's, LPN's and the rest of the staff.  If you pushed the nurses call button someone would... More

Richard Bilka

"I was treated by the Emergency Room personnel on Aug. 14, 2010, at the former Ord hospital. They were caring and compassionate awaiting the air flight to St. Elizabeth's in Lincoln.After treatment for 3rd degree burns, two stents and a balloon, followed by treatment at Tabitha Life Quest and Madonna, I returned to the new Ord hospital on Oct. 28, 2010. I've had occupational therapy, physical ther... More

Sheila Adamek

"Progressive care with compassion is what I experienced at Valley County Health System when I was admitted to have a total knee replacement performed by Dr. Lesiak on April 19, 2012. This was my second knee replacement; I had my other knee done in 2008 by Dr. Lesiak. When I heard that he was doing total knees close to home, I was thrilled. Being in Ord made it easy on my husband, Randy, and me.... More

Val Reilly- family member

"My mother, Val Reilly, came to Valley View Living Center in the fall of 2011. A combination of Macular Degeneration, Parkinson's Disease, and a fall that fractured five ribs, left her unable to maintain her independent life at home. After a short and unpleasant stay at a local nursing home in Columbus, my brother, Bob, who is employed by Valley County Health System, suggested Valley ViewLiving Ce... More

Associate Recognition

Gold Star Award

Noel Hain

Congratulations to Noel Hain of our Lab Department for receiving the VCHS Gold Star Award!

Noel was nominated by one of his co-worker and her story was so compelling we wanted to share it with you:

"On December 3rd, my daughter was brought to our ER and had to receive a CT scan. Noel covered my call while we were in ER and came in and ran my daughter’s lab-work. On December 23rd, we were again in the ER, and Noel stopped by that afternoon to see how she was doing, and to ask if we needed anything. Then on December 26th, we had an appointment with the neurologist in Kearney, and I was scheduled to work 11:30am-6pm. Our appointment was set up for 10:00, so I knew I was going to miss a big part of the day. Noel saw that we were going to be really short on staff, so he went to Karen, Lab Manager, and offered to work that Friday even though he should have been of vacation. On top of that, he sent me a text while we were at the hospital having a procedure done, asking how she was and told me not to worry about work, which set my mind at ease! Later that night he brought my daughter over soup that he made after he got off work.

Noel is not only a great employee, but also a wonderful Christian! Words can not express how thankful I am to my friend & co-worker for all his kindness."

Whether at work or in the community, Noel exemplifies high values through his character!

Congratulations Noel, you are a Gold Shining Star!





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