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At Valley County Health System, employees are more than numbers or statistics. They're healers, innovators, motivators, and difference makers, and each has their own story. Our variety of backgrounds and experiences come together in one common mission -- to "provide progressive healthcare services in a healing, patient-centered environment." Through telling their stories, we also tell ours. 

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Ashley Simmers, CDM, CFPP

Food brings people together. Food heals. Food changes lives. An exaggeration? Hardly. Simply ask the patient at the beginning stages of a long recovery…
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Noel Hain, MT

His childhood dream was to become a pediatrician, but after spending hours and hours in a laboratory during his educational career, Noel Hain’s focus shifted…
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Marilyn Winkelbauer

Marilyn Winkelbauer’s two-decade career at VCHS has been devoted to living – providing resources to patients who prefer living at home; guiding patients…
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Katie Hickey, CPhT

Medication use and understanding are critical aspects of patient care and safety, which is why Valley County Health System (VCHS) has an in-house pharmacy…
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Chelle Green

With more than a dozen providers seeing hundreds of patients each month at the VCHS Specialty Clinic in Ord, keeping the schedule organized and providers…
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Wayne Standlea

His laugh is memorable; his demeanor is cheerful; and his skills are many. Wayne Standlea, a VCHS Housekeeper, has been a core member of the VCHS Environmental…
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Stephanie Keefe

VCHS Social Services Designee Stephanie Keefe knew she wanted to dedicate her career to caring for others after participating in an adopt-a-grandparent…
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Kryssiah Felton

It’s a bright and warm morning in central Nebraska as Kryssiah Felton, a coder/biller at Valley County Health System, walks into the hospital for another…
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Kate Morse, RN

Valley County Health System’s (VCHS) Infection Control and Employee Education Coordinator Kate Morse, RN, dreamed about becoming a nurse since she was…
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