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Ashley Simmers, CDM, CFPP

Food brings people together. Food heals. Food changes lives. An exaggeration? Hardly.

Simply ask the patient at the beginning stages of a long recovery what a nutritious and appetizing variety of meals means to them. Ask the family that’s spent multiple restless days and nights at the hospital with their ailing loved one about the impact of tasty, affordable, convenient, and homey meals. Ask the dedicated employees what time helps them refuel for work and reconnect with colleagues.

From patients and visitors to employees and visiting medical students, rave reviews about the food at VCHS have become the norm. With dishes such as Tomato Basil Shrimp, Southwestern Pork Chops, and Spaghetti and Meatballs adorning the menu – along with a well-stocked daily salad bar and a large variety of premade meals and snacks – the VCHS Nutritional Services Department/VCHS Courtyard Grille dishes up delicious meals and plentiful smiles thanks to the efforts of VCHS Nutritional Services Manager Ashley Simmers, CDM, CFPP.

“I didn’t choose Nutritional Services as a career; it chose me,” Ashley says. “I have a background in food service and a passion to cook, so I enjoy offering my skills in the kitchen, leading our Nutritional Services staff, and preparing nutritious meals for our patients, visitors, and staff every day.”

From cooking and cleaning to menu planning and educating patients, Ashley’s daily tasks vary day-to-day as department manager but all, ultimately, affect the patients, visitors, and staff.

“Nutritional Services helps patients heal from the inside. We provide nutritious meals for our patients to help them recover and get back to their daily life,” Ashley says.

The VCHS Nutritional Services Department also occasionally caters hospital events, as well as gives community presentations about nutrition, cooking, and wellness. Ashley and her staff stay busy scheduling and preparing for those too.

 “My favorite part about working at VCHS is that they have become family,” Ashley says. “Everyone is caring, compassionate, and more than willing to get together outside of work to just have fun and sometimes even help on projects you can’t complete on your own.”

While her workday is spent primarily in the kitchen, the great outdoors is Ashley’s “happy place.”

“I love to be outdoors, whether it’s camping, hiking, fishing, or visiting national parks,” Ashley says. In addition to being active outdoors, Ashley enjoys genealogy, coin collecting, and spending time with family.