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Chelle Green

With more than a dozen providers seeing hundreds of patients each month at the VCHS Specialty Clinic in Ord, keeping the schedule organized and providers and patients happy is no easy feat. Yet, Chelle Green, VCHS Scheduler, is not only up to the task, but she exceeds expectations with an infectious laugh, caring heart, and knack for organization.

Chelle has become a familiar face to patients, providers, and visitors since joining the VCHS team nearly a decade ago – starting in Admissions and then as a Medical Clinic Scheduler before transitioning to her current VCHS Specialty Clinic role.

The VCHS Specialty Clinic, located at the VCHS Hospital in Ord, brings specialty providers to VCHS on a scheduled basis to provide needed specialty care to patients locally. More than a dozen specialty services are offered at the clinic, including cardiology, podiatry, and nephrology. Because of the range and frequency of services offered, patients become quickly acquainted with Chelle.

“One of my favorite parts of this job is interacting with patients. We have fabulous patients, and I enjoy seeing them and catching up with them when they are at VCHS,” Chelle says.

Chelle acknowledges that doctor appointments can be scary or uncomfortable for some patients, so she works hard to create a pleasant clinic atmosphere to help alleviate some of that stress.

Outside of work, Chelle likes to unwind by spending time with her family and gardening.  

Pictured: Chelle Green, VCHS Scheduler