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Kate Morse, RN

Valley County Health System’s (VCHS) Infection Control and Employee Education Coordinator Kate Morse, RN, dreamed about becoming a nurse since she was a little girl, and decades later, she sits back and laughs.

“Growing up, my dad tried to forbid me from becoming a nurse because he said nursing was for ‘hardcore’ women and none of his daughters were hardcore,” Kate says with a smile.  

Starting out by completing business school, Kate knew in her heart she wanted to be a nurse and eventually, with her husband’s help, sent herself to nursing school, becoming an LPN and then an RN.

 “I just wanted to be a nurse,” Kate says of her early education and career days. “My first passion was labor and delivery – well, other people’s labor.”

Over the decades, Kate has worked for numerous healthcare facilities in central Nebraska in various nursing roles, including labor and delivery, before joining the VCHS team as Infection Control and Employee Education Coordinator in April 2014.

“I came to VCHS because I had been doing the same thing for eight years elsewhere and wanted to do something more,” Kate says. “I saw the infection control job posted and thought it sounded exciting.”

Kate works to promote and educate about proper hygiene and infection prevention practices at VCHS. Such work helps reduce a patient’s likelihood of getting a hospital-acquired infection during their stay at VCHS, as well as promotes overall wellbeing for anyone who visits, works, or stays at VCHS.

“I think infection control is the most important thing any hospital can do. The better we prevent infections, the more progressive we are,” Kate says. “We’re here to heal, and our great [low] surgical site infection rate and strong infection control practices show that.”

Kate’s days often begin with following up on the status of patients from overnight. She reviews inpatient charts, determines if any patients need to be in isolation, examines lab culture reports, and follows up on certain aspects of a patient’s care. From assisting with surgery to conducting new employee screenings to promoting the flu shot, Kate’s days continue with a variety of tasks – all in service to patients and VCHS employees. Beyond those tasks, Kate’s days are filled with teaching CPR training, tracking employees’ education, and serving as one of the hospital’s top advocates for hand hygiene. She also is interested in reviewing healthcare literature, is “always looking to learn something new,” and readily shares that information with staff.

“My favorite part of coming to work at VCHS every day is that there is no favorite part; I like the variety. Kate said. “There’s this excitement about what’s going to be there – a challenge, anticipation …,”

Pictured: Kate Morse, RN