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Katie Hickey, CPhT

Medication use and understanding are critical aspects of patient care and safety, which is why Valley County Health System (VCHS) has an in-house pharmacy to meet the needs of hospital inpatients, as well as outpatient services delivered at the hospital. VCHS Certified Pharmacy Technician Katie Hickey plays a key role in navigating this occasionally complex environment and its layered processes to ensure patient safety and top quality care.

One of Katie’s key responsibilities is comparing patients’ medication orders to all of the medications that the patient has been taking. This reconciliation is done to avoid medication errors such as omissions, duplications, dosing errors, or drug interactions. Bringing the information together into one accurate list can be a challenge at times, but one that is essential to meeting VCHS’s mission to “provide progressive healthcare services in a healing, patient-centered environment.”

“Med Rec is an important part of patient care. We provide the doctors and nurses with information they need to help keep patients well and healthy,” Katie says.

Katie also completes a variety of behind-the-scenes tasks to support direct patient care, such as processing bulk orders, which requires pre-packaging and labeling medications before distribution, and restocking the hospital’s automated medication dispensing machines, which helps ensure medication distribution accuracy and minimizes congestion in the pharmacy. Katie’s favorite aspect of her job is making IVs for both inpatients and outpatients.

Outside of work, Katie trades her scrubs for cowboy boots and her medication delivery cart for her horse every chance she gets. A Comstock native, Katie has been a horse and rodeo enthusiast for as long as she can remember and enjoys competing in both barrel racing and roping events. 

Pictured: Katie Hickey, Certified Pharmacy Technician