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Kryssiah Felton

It’s a bright and warm morning in central Nebraska as Kryssiah Felton, a coder/biller at Valley County Health System, walks into the hospital for another day of work. Making her way to her office, she passes coworkers, patients, and visitors – all of whom she greets with a smile and friendly “hello.”

“I bring a smile to work every day because I really enjoy what I do,” Kryssiah says. “My favorite part of working at VCHS is walking in every morning and seeing people in the hallway. In our organization, everyone knows everyone and truly cares about you and your wellbeing.”

That attitude and care for the wellbeing of others extends into Kryssiah’s daily work. Responsible for following up on insurance claims, updating patient accounts, and answering billing questions, Kryssiah works to put the pieces of the financial puzzle together to help ensure that claims are being paid. Despite working primarily behind-the-scenes, Kryssiah’s work impacts patients and the organization.

“When a patient is at VCHS, we want to make sure they are focused on getting better,” Kryssiah says. “I help the patient by removing some potential financial worries and burden by working behind-the-scenes to make sure their claims are correct, account up-to-date, and dealing with other questions that may arise.”

Such work directly helps the patients and, in turn, also helps the hospital remain financially solvent and able to provide advanced and expanding services.

Recently named VCHS Employee of the Quarter, Kryssiah has excelled at her role as coder/biller since moving to the position last year. An Iowa native, wife, and mother of two, Kryssiah has lived in Ord since 2011 and been with VCHS since 2013. She credits her previous role as the VCHS Medical Clinic scheduler – and the multitasking and customer service involved – and her thirst for knowledge with helping her to advance to the coder/biller position.

“VCHS has helped me better myself professionally with growth opportunities over the years, including currently pursuing my Certified Professional Coder certification, and I believe that if you really want and work for growth at VCHS, it is reasonable to think you can attain it,” Kryssiah says.

After a day of following up with insurance companies, assisting patients and coworkers with questions, and preparing reports, Kryssiah prepares to head home for the evening – smile still intact as she passes by coworkers, patients, and visitors and shares a friendly, “Have a good night!” Her work may be primarily behind-the-scenes, but the impact of Kryssiah’s work is not.

Pictured: Kryssiah Felton