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Noel Hain, MT

His childhood dream was to become a pediatrician, but after spending hours and hours in a laboratory during his educational career, Noel Hain’s focus shifted to making a career in the laboratory. Years later, Noel Hain, MT, now manages the VCHS Laboratory.

“I was always fascinated by examining things under a microscope, growing bacteria, and exploring those things,” Noel says. “Working in the lab allows me to do that every day.”

A Philippines native, Noel spent his childhood, college years, and early career in his native country before moving to Saudi Arabia and then New Hampshire before making Ord, Nebraska, home in 2012. He began as a medical technologist at VCHS before being promoted to lab manager in 2016.

As the manager, Noel ensures that his department’s day-to-day activities are in accordance with legal, industry, and organizational standards; oversees the technical proficiency skills of the lab staff, supplies, and procedural updates; and collaborates with other departments and providers to provide patients the best quality service.

“Laboratory provides a significant portion of information used by our healthcare providers to diagnose, monitor, and evaluate a patient’s prognosis, so it is imperative all of our department procedures adhere to the highest quality within the correct principles,” Noel says. “This notion propels the VCHS Laboratory to a continuous quest for improved patient care, living up to VCHS’s mission of providing progressive healthcare services to our community.”

Noel, in part, ties his approach to his work into living up to that mission.

“I see my job as more of a vocation than simply a profession. First, I am committed and equally responsible to our patients. I have to make sure patients are satisfied and that our services are patient centered,” Noel says. “Second, I am responsible to my staff in the department. Part of my role as their leader is to provide an environment conducive for growth and continuous learning. I see them as the greatest assets of my department.”

Outside of work, much of Noel’s time is dedicated to completing his Master in Theological Study from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, as well as his church – Ord’s Bethel Baptist Church – where he currently serves as deacon and teaches Sunday school. Noel’s international background has led him to speak three languages – Tagalog, English, and Arabic – and has led to an interest in traveling, hiking, and indulging in different cuisines.

Even with his international experience, Noel acknowledges the special environment he has found at VCHS and here in central Nebraska.

“I had the privilege of working for various organizations, but what makes VCHS different is the way our administration is leading us. They go above and beyond in making sure everyone on the team is valued and appreciated, which, in turn, lends itself to providing the best care possible to our patients.”

Pictured: VCHS Laboratory Manager Noel Hain, MT