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Copp receives VCHS Manager Leadership Award

ORD, Neb. – Valley County Health System (VCHS) Patient Financial Services Manager was recently awarded with the VCHS Manager Leadership Award. This is a bi-annual award given to a VCHS manager by the senior leadership team. VCHS CFO Ashley Woodward presented the award to Copp during the monthly management team meeting on Dec. 20 at VCHS.

Copp’s nomination read:

“Steph has worked at VCHS for 21 years and does an excellent job leading the Patient Financial Services, Patient Access and Transportation teams. She also serves as the HIPAA Privacy Officer, which can be a time consuming endeavor!  She is the perfect candidate for this award because she is committed to VCHS, her teams and her duties. She is reliable and lends her time and talents to any project. Recently when there was a line of ten patients at the reception desk and a busy phone, Steph was at the front desk helping her team take care of patients. Her staff said that it helped them get through a very busy clinic day. She is also frequently rounding among her staff, answering questions and her door is always open. Steph has mentored new leaders and managers as they transition into their new roles providing helpful tips and insight to make their jobs easier. She also is a charge master guru and understands insurance and claim components as well as anyone in our organization. 

Mastering communication is another area that Steph excels. She sends daily updates to her teams and never hesitates to take minutes at various meetings and share them with the rest of the group.  She has implemented some wellness aspects into her leadership such as stretching breaks and encouraging her staff to walk the halls.   She celebrates her team’s birthdays with lots of baked goods and incorporates fun and games into her staff meetings. We are fortunate to have Steph on the VCHS team, thank you for all you do.” 

Copp has been with VCHS since 1997.

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Pictured: VCHS Patient Financial Services Manager Stephanie Copp and VCHS CFO Ashley Woodward during the presentation on Dec. 20