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Naprstek, PTA, attends lymphedema seminar

ORD, Neb. – Valley County Health System (VCHS) Rehabilitation Services Department has enhanced lymphedema therapy services. VCHS’s Sabrina Naprstek, PTA, completed a second lymphedema management seminar in November, allowing her to provide extended services such as manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging and compression garment fitting.

Lymphedema is accumulation of fluid due to a blockage in the lymphatic system, which is responsible for draining the body of toxins, waste and fluids. The accumulation leads to swelling, typically in the arms or legs, and can be caused by injury, infection, radiation or surgery.

“I am very excited to offer this specialized service to our community,” Naprstek said. “I am able to fit patients for garments of the hand, arm and leg.  Being able to offer these services at VCHS will keep our patients from traveling so far for care.”

After completion of the training, Naprstek is able to distinguish between edema and lymphedema while understanding the anatomical and physiological principles of the lymphatic system.  She received training on the basic techniques of Manual Lymph Drainage and the application of multi-layered compression bandages from lymphedema.  While incurable, the condition is manageable.

“Your lymphatic system plays a large role in immune function and circulation,” Naprstek said.  “Our goal with lymphedema therapy is to help patients return to their normal lives.”

VCHS employees regularly complete continuing education coursework, or additional certification coursework, to meet the health needs and interests of patients locally.

Talk to your primary care provider to find out if lymphedema therapy is right for you, and contact the VCHS Rehabilitation Services Department at 308.728.4247 for more information.

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Pictured (l to r): VCHS Rehab Manager Heidi Peterson, PT; Sabrina Naprstek, PTA; Director of Quality Christina Pollard