ACCESSNebraskaValley County Health System has elected to become a Community Partner with the NE Department of Health & Human Services program, ACCESSNebraska.

ACCESSNebraska is the quick, easy way to find and apply online for Nebraska public assistance benefits. Now there is no need to go to a DHHS office or wait in line. Individuals can self-screen and apply online for many Nebraska public assistance benefit programs.

ACCESSNebraska can be accessed on any computer with Internet access-at home, at the library, at many community agencies such as senior centers, community action agencies, and at many Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) offices.   To access the site, click here.

VCHS is one of the local organizations that provides online registration assistance to our patients and the general public by appointment.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Kim Koch at 728.4316.


Employee Recognition

Gold Star Award

Becky Ritz

"When you think about the values of VCHS, you can see each one shining through in Becky.

Integrity & Trust: Becky shows integrity in all she does, always doing the right thing and in a very professional manner. Her integrity also leads to her being very trustworthy. You could trust Becky in any situation and know that she will handle it with integrity. Her personality and work ethic exemplify the wonderful person she is. Patients and employees all know that Becky is someone who will do what she says and will go above and beyond to take care of an individual, their family, or a particular situation.

Compassion: If you want to see a true example of compassion, watch Becky as she helps patients each day in the care she gives them. The tone of her voice, her encouraging words, her sincere and warm smile and the compassion she shows ... all are just examples of the wonderful person she is. She gets to know people and asks about them, their lives, and their family. She shows she truly cares and is a wonderful listener.

Ownership: Becky takes ownership in her department and at VCHS. She is always busy cleaning up or offering assistance to her fellow employees and patients. She takes pride in all she does, as well as takes the initiative in her daily duties in Rehab.

Respect: Becky’s co-workers, as well as the patients of our Rehab Department are all treated with the utmost respect. You can watch the care Becky gives and see the respect she gives to each and every patient, family member, and also to her co-workers, in turn, earning the respect of all those around her.

We are very grateful that Becky is part of the VCHS team. Her actions speak volumes as to the type of caring individual she is. Her patience and positive attitude are very special. Becky, you are an amazing part of our team.

Congratulations, and well deserved!"


Congratulations, Becky!

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