Heritage Program for Seniors

The Heritage Program for Seniors is an outpatient department of the Valley County Health System, providing individualized care for adults 55+ who are struggling with many different situations which might include loss of a loved one, change in living situation, and episodes of depression and high anxiety. Physical decline, decreasing independence, safety concerns, multiple losses, isolation, worry, and recovery from medical procedures or illness are just a few of the factors that can contribute to diminished quality of life. Multiple medical problems and medications can lead to low energy, worrying, loss of motivation, low communication, lack of attention, inability to concentrate and follow through on daily tasks, anxiety over being left alone, loss of appetite, apathy, and an overall poor quality of life.

The Heritage program provides individualized treatment for older adults who need more support.  Any concerned individual may refer themselves or someone to the program with a simple phone call.  Staff will meet with you to discuss program details and admission process. Individual, group, and family counseling is available. Additionally, free depression and anxiety screenings are available, and Heritage provides caregiver support, community education, and outreach. 

Groups meet everyday, Monday through Friday.  Most program participants attend two days a week, attending three groups each day here. Hours are typically 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Individual and family appointments are scheduled as needed. 

Program Components

  • To restore optimum mental and emotional health to those we serve

  • To alleviate symptoms that interferes with the quality of our client’s lives

  • To support the integrity of the family

  • To maximize our client’s independence and memory skills

  • To address the mental health component that frequently coexists with medical conditions and physical health problems

  • To support the families and caregivers of those we serve

Treatment Team

Treatment services are confidential. Your privacy is protected by law. Our treatment team is comprised of Nebraska licensed, Master’s level counselors. Oversight, medication management, and care coordination is provided by our Medical Director, Dr. Saxena of Grand Island NE. Technicians  assistant with client care.

Is this program for me?

  • Are you having persistent worries and challenges that feel overwhelming and exhausting?
  • Does it seem that you’re just not getting better in spite of your best efforts and the efforts of those around you?
  • Are you more days than not: over tired but can’t sleep or sleeping all the time, not hungry or eating all the time,  crying frequently for no particular reason, not caring about things you used to care about, or feeling guilty about not being able to shake these blues?
  • Are you becoming more forgetful?
  • Have you found yourself more irritable or saying more negative things to yourself or others?
  • Are you experiencing grief and loss that is ongoing and does not seem to lessen with the passage of time?
  • Have you tried other programs and remedies with no improvement or change?


Medicare and supplemental insurance including Medicaid and most private policies cover the program costso there is no out-of-pocket expense for you.

Families, caregivers, and significant others are an integral part of the treatment team and are encouraged to participate in the ongoing care of their loved ones. Input, feedback, and update information is welcomed.

For more information, please call 308.728.4340.

Employee Recognition

Gold Star Award

Julie Thiel

"Julie Thiel has been a valued team member of VCHS for more than 15 years! 

She helps Acute, Specialty Clinic, Surgery, and is a certified central sterile supply technician, as well as a certified instrument specialist. Julie goes wherever she can to assist others. She never complains about getting redirected at a moment's notice for urgent tasks. She researches OR instruments for purchase and ensures they are all kept in excellent condition. Julie works in the OR, cleans, wraps, and sterilizes the instruments. She also handles the instruments for the entire health system. We would be lost with out her. 

Julie takes pride in her work and it shows. Our surgeons love working with her; even though she only sees most of them a few times a month, she is always one step ahead of them. Julie is kind, compassionate, and dependable. Thank you for all your hard work Julie!"


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