New Facility Update #24

April 23, 2010

During the weeks of April 12 and 19, substantial progress was made on the interior of the new hospital.  Vinyl wall covering in the acute care patient rooms was hung.  The copper floor and wall lining in the MRI suite was substantially completed.  Installation of ceramic tile on the walls in the kitchen was finished.  Flashing and gutters on the exterior of the building were installed.

Over the next few weeks, installation of the floor covering in the acute care department will begin.  Glass will be installed at the west end of the acute care department, dining room and some areas of the front entry.  Ceiling grid will continue to be hung throughout the hospital.  The floor tile in the kitchen will be installed and vinyl wall covering installation will begin in the surgery and emergency room departments.

The opening date for the new hospital will be Monday, October 4, 2010.  For more information contact the Public Relations office at 728-4347.