Sen. Johanns Tours New Hospital

October 15, 2010

(ORD) - Senator Mike Johanns toured the new Valley County Health System hospital on Thursday, October 14.  He was greeted and briefed on the history of the project and the services provided by VCHS. 

Johanns was then guided on a tour of the new facility.  After the tour, Johanns held a brief press conference.  During the conference, Johanns stated, "I cannot tell you how impressed I am by what I have seen.  And, as a former mayor, county commissioner, governor, I am enormously mindful that this doesn't happen because one group decides it should happen. It happens because of a lot of community effort, collaboration and people working together.  This facility is truly state-of-the-art. This community can be very, very proud of what happened here.  Not just for Ord, but for this whole area of the state."

Pictured: Interim CEO Joyce Seward thanks Senator Johanns for his visit to VCHS.