Wheeler Completes Spinal Stabilization Course

April 6, 2012

Betty Wheeler, Physical Therapist at Valley County Health System, completed a Spinal Stabilization Course on March 24 and 25 in Lincoln.

The 2-day course focused on teaching the methods of accurately assessing for spinal stability, dysfunction and pain inhibition. The course helped to develop and build skills in retraining motor control for stability of the core- or deep muscle group. A few of the course objectives included participants being able to track and critically appraise the clinical treatment of low back pain, perform clear and concise subjective evaluations of patients with lower back pain, plan and conduct objective examinations of the structures relating to the lower back, and to plan an optimal course of treatment using orthopedic manual therapy techniques, with special emphasis on specific exercises for spinal segmental stabilization.

Betty has been practicing at the VCHS Rehabilitation Center in Burwell since October of 2008. For more information about Spinal Stabilization, call VCHS Burwell Rehabilitation Services at 308.346.4060.