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Brittany Myers

Congratulations to Brittany Myers, LPN, on being recognized with the VCHS Gold Star Award.
Her nomination reads:
Brittany has taken responsibility to help protect our employees from influenza by promoting flu vaccination to her co-workers. Brittany has encouraged flu shot compliance to all her co-workers in the Medical Clinic and even to employees in surrounding departments. Brittany has provided flu shot information, flu injections, and the accompanying candy bars to many of her co-workers.
Brittany’s efforts go beyond just giving immunizations for Flu to Employees. Her concerns extend to the patients she serves in the Medical Clinic. When serving her patients in the Medical Clinic, she makes it a point to visit with patients to learn if they are up to date on immunization schedules. She has also done additional training about vaccine schedules and giving vaccines safely.
Brittany is a Vaccine Champion! By giving flu vaccinations to her co-workers, she helps protect the health of us all. By encouraging all recommended vaccinations, she promotes the health of her co-workers, her patients and, indeed, her community!