Medical Services

Progressive Care with Compassion.

Become A Client

If you're interested in joining the Heritage Program, you'll need to complete the following steps

  1. Complete your initial visit. See below for a complete description of our process.
  2. Download and complete the referral form [PDF]
  3. Download and complete the Confidentiality Statement/Disclosure form [PDF]

Accepted Insurance


  • Medicare Part B


  • Medicaid
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Tricare
  • Manhattan Life insurance
  • Equitable Life and Causality
  • Nebraska Total Care
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Medicaid of Nebraska
  • Total Care
  • Cigna

*If your supplemental insurance is not listed, please contact us to determine eligibility.


Have a question? Send us an email. 



Our Process

We focus on healing the heart and mind and make your healing process center to your treatment.

  • First Phone Call & First Visit - Consultation
    • During the first phone call we learn some basic information on what you are needing from us. Then, we will schedule an appointment for a first visit with a trained clinical therapist.
    • In order to meet you in a comfortable environment, we are able to come to your home to complete the first visit. However, if you wish, you are more than welcome to come to our building to complete this visit.
    • During this visit, we will talk about which services will be most helpful. We will also complete a short medical history and obtain some information related to your personal goals. Once this is completed, we will schedule for you to see one of our highly trained and knowledgeable physicians. Please expect this visit to last 45-60 minutes.


  • Second Visit - Physician Appointment
    • During this visit, you will complete initial paperwork with one of our staff members and see our physician via telehealth. Telehealth is a great way to bring our highly-trained physicians to our community. Our physicians are trained in treating whatever ailment you may be experiencing and provide a safe and comfortable environment. Please expect this visit to last 30-60 minutes. 


  • Third Visit – Get to know you
    • This visit consists of you meeting with your individual clinically licensed therapist. The focus of this visit is you. We want to get to know what is ailing your heart and mind. We fully believe that there is nothing too big or too small that can impact your life and everyone deserves to be truly happy. This visit will include a brief history of past ailments and put a focus on your future. Please expect this visit to last 45-60 minutes.


  • Fourth Visit – Individual Session
    • The fourth visit will include you meeting with your individual clinically licensed therapist. During this visit you and your therapist will develop a plan to help you on your healing process. Your input is crucial and your goals are important. We want you to feel heard and this visit will set you up for success. It is also during this visit when you will determine a comfortable schedule within our program.


  • Fifth Visit – Put your plan into action!
    • The fifth visit will be the visit where you are able to put your plan into action! From here on out, you are able to give yourself the focus and compassion that you deserve. We offer many techniques and approaches to therapy and understand that all persons heal differently. Throughout your program, you will continue to see our physicians and your individual therapist in order to offer you the best care possible. 



We believe in this process and understand that healthy relationships are the foundation of successful therapy. Please let us know if you have any questions along the way.