Medical Services

Progressive Care with Compassion.

Wound Clinic

Valley County Health System offers specialized wound care for a variety of complex wounds, fistulae, pressure ulcers, and vascular ulcers. In conjunction with your primary care provider, our Specialty Clinic Department will manage your wound care needs. Numerous VCHS nurses are specifically trained and certified in wound care.    

Wound Care

Our wound care nurse provides specialized care and directs interventions that can accelerate the healing process and provide cost savings. Specifically, the WOCN can:

  • Educate patients, family and nursing staff about preventative measures or management techniques to promote wound healing.
  • Implement plans to prevent pressure ulcers and other wounds from developing.
  • Reduce the percentage of patients who develop pressure ulcers.

Ostomy Care

An ostomy is a surgically created opening in the body for the discharge of wastes. WOCN can:

  • Provide pre-operative visits and stoma site selection for elective procedures.
  • Develop rehabilitation plans to help the patient return to a productive lifestyle.
  • Deliver patient and family education to help master management and care of the ostomy and ensure the correct use of ostomy products.
  • Deliver follow-up care or arrange for home health nursing.
  • Help patients and families identify problems that should be reported to a physician.

Continence Care

Early identification and treatment of underlying causes are essential in reducing complications related to urinary and/or fecal incontinence. Once causes are determined, the most appropriate and effective approach can be formulated. The WOCN can:

  • Assess patients to learn the cause and type of incontinence.
  • Collaborate with physicians and other healthcare providers to develop a care plan for the control of incontinence.
  • Teach care providers, patients and families the steps to correct incontinence or effectively manage it at home.


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