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Diabetes Education

The VCHS Diabetes Education Program is committed to educating and empowering you, or someone you care for, to successfully self-manage diabetes. With proper nutrition, exercise, monitoring, and medication, you can lead a healthy and full life with diabetes. In diabetes education, you will learn about lifestyle changes, problem solving skills, and how to anticipate and overcome barriers. Education empowers you to develop healthy behaviors and enjoy life to the fullest.

The VCHS diabetes educator, in coordination with VCHS medical staff members, specialized training to teach you about diabetes, help you develop a personal plan to manage your diabetes, and assist you in leading a healthy life. Together, you’ll develop a plan that fits your lifestyle and habits, interests, and beliefs. This occurs through the program’s one-on-one counseling, group sessions, and ongoing support.

To help manage your diabetes, the VCHS Diabetes Education team will focus on and guide you in seven key areas:

• Healthy eating
• Being active
• Monitoring
• Taking medication
• Problem solving
• Reducing risks
• Healthy coping

This multi-part course is offered at various times to accommodate individual schedules. Family members and significant others are welcome to attend at no additional cost. For those with special needs, we offer individual instruction as needed. The charge for our Diabetes Education Program is billed directly to your medical insurance and is covered by many plans. Medicare also covers diabetes education.

After the course is completed Medicare will cover 2 hours of follow-up education each year with a registered nurse and 2 hours with a registered dietitian.

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