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Greg Wrenn

Greg's nomination reads:

Greg, one of our EMT drivers, was called in yesterday morning by the ward clerk for a potential emergent transport.  Long story short we did not transport this particular patient by VCHS ALS. However, we observed Greg jump in and help the ER staff with whatever was needed. He personally got the ambulance ready and prepared for a fixed-wing flight crew transport to and from the airport.  Greg handled himself with the utmost professionalism with no hesitation to perform any task that multiple people were asking him to do.  Greg already knew what was needed for our EMS and transport needs without guidance. He left no detail missed. Greg even assisted with the decon of ER equipment that was moved out of the COVID room for the transport crew to transfer care. Greg was wiping down the crash carts and all other essential equipment that was exposed using proper BSI and isolation techniques. Following successful transport to the airport with flight crew and patient, Greg refused to allow me to assist him in wiping the ambulance down to place back in service as soon as possible.  He gave Mike the opportunity to go decon and assist with other patient care duties that were needed in the ER at that time.

When Greg had the choice to return home or possibly wait another hour for the decision or another possible transfer, he chose to stay in town. He was concerned that he did not want to delay a potential stroke transport. That stroke patient actually was flown out by helicopter and Greg assisted the flight crew and ER staff since we were all busy with different patient care duties.

The success of our patient care depends on the quality of every individual's contribution to teamwork.  Greg's contributions on this particular day were a major factor in the care our patients received. He has displayed commitment, dedication, and professionalism that make VCHS stand out above the rest. 

 Pictured (L-R)- Mike Eytcheson, EMT-P; Greg Wrenn, EMT-B; VCHS EMS Manager Kelsey Daake, RN