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VCHS Finalizes Payment of Bonds

The Valley County Board of Supervisors recently approved early bond payoff for Valley County Health System (VCHS). The original bonds were issued in a four bond series between 2008 and 2009 to build the VCHS Hospital and Medical Clinic facility in Ord. These bonds totaled $21.3 million and were initially scheduled to be paid off in 2033.

Throughout the term of the bonds, VCHS was able to refinance and make additional equity contributions to reduce overall debt. In 2021 the VCHS Board of Trustees recommended paying off the final amount of $4.7 million. By paying the bonds off early VCHS will save around $265,000 in interest payments.

VCHS would not be paying these bonds off early if it weren’t for the continued support of our surrounding communities, the hard work and dedication of our employees, and the leadership of the Valley County Board of Supervisors and VCHS Board of Trustees. It is through combined efforts that VCHS is able to provide advanced technology and services in a healing patient-centered environment, all while supporting continued health and growth for our communities.